What is an Auto-Lok Nut?

Auto-Lok Nuts are self-locking nuts products that are superior in Safety and Functionality.

The benefits of Auto-Lok nuts are:

  • Dual Locking slots.
  • Fitting with automatic Assembly Class 8 & 10.
  • High Mechanical, Temperature, and Vibration resistance.
  • High re-usability.
  • High performance consistency.
  • Safety-high performance locking mechanism.
  • Range of plating options and materials.
  • Simple functionality - only one component.
  • European Rail Standard Certified CF 00-040.
  • Network Rail Certified PA05/03451.
  • Re-usable upto 5 times with minimal performance loss ISO 2320
Advantages :
No Damage :
A double slotted nut does not damage the thread of the bolt. A normal deformed nut does so and leads to severe damage.
If the thread on the bolt have been damaged, then the bolt has to be either replaced or the threads have to be "chased" (Repaired).
This can be a very time consuming project or an impossible project, either is a costly operation.
Reusability :
A double slotted nut can be used for 5 X minimum maintaining almost unchanged the removal prevailing torque,due to the high quality standard. The nuts areprescribed into the French railways, high speed trains TGV,.....
Vibration Proof :
An excellent vibiration resistance is ensured.
The locking performance is unaffected by oil, petrol or other liquids and vapours. This nut will not come loose.
Locking Torque:
Consistent locking torque according to NFEN ISO 2320
Posibility of variation of locking torque.
Temperatures Variablity Proof :
Double slotted nuts can withstand changes of temperatures ranging from -50 oC to + 450 oC.
Corrosion Proof :
Double sltted nuts are available in different solutions, resistance against various Corrosion levels according to the user
Different plating


Different Materials
Zinc plated
CL6-8-10-12 steel
Dacromat plated
SITAL BHT (against gripping)
Copper plated