Self Locking Lock Nuts With Metalic Ring

We advise not to use this nut, as the metal ring cuts into the material of the bolt.  It might damage the bolt, and make the re-usability of the nut doubtfull.

self-locking fine pitch nuts with metal inserts are available too, consult us.


Metric - Steel class 5:

ALNssnM3x050CL5 ALNssnM4x070CL5 ALNssnM5x080CL5 ALNssnM6x100CL5 ALNssnM8x125CL5
ALNssnM10x150CL5 ALNssnM12x175CL5 ALNssnM14x200CL5 ALNssnM16x200CL5 ALNssnM18x250CL5

Metric - Class 6 Steel:

ALNssnM3x050CL6 ALNssnM4x070CL6 ALNssnM5x080CL6 ALNssnM6x100CL6 ALNssnM8x125CL6
ALNssnM10x150CL6 ALNssnM12x175CL6 ALNssnM14x200CL6 ALNssnM16x200CL6 ALNssnM18x250CL6

Metric - Class A2 Steel:

ALNssnM3x050A2 ALNssnM4x070A2 ALNssnM5x080A2 ALNssnM6x100A2 ALNssnM8x125A2
ALNssnM10x150A2 ALNssnM12x175A2 ALNssnM14x200A2 ALNssnM16x200A2 ALNssnM18x250A2