Auto-Lok Double Slotted Nut

The design concept of the doublle slotted nut is similar to that of the universally adopted industrial nut where the locking function is provided by a slotted collar or turret section above the hexagon.
Whilst both types of nut have two slots, those on the nut are positioned one above the other. The metal above these slots is set to deptich the threads such that when the nut is tightened on to a bolt, the thread is gripped on the flank, the pont at which it is designed to take the thrust.
Special features of  the Double Slotted nut are a lower prevailing torque than the industrial nut, and high re-usability. Further, it can when required be fitted to a male thread locking element end first.
The all metal double slotted nut is suitable for use in high or low temperature conditions,and the locking performance is unaffected by oil, petrol or other liquids and vapours, it is easily assembled with hand or power tools, and will lock effectively either to a face or unsupported.
Standard finishes are zinc and chromate passivation or self colour for metric threads and zic or self colour for other threads. Special grades of material finish and design are available subject to minimum manufacturing quantities.


Tough, the most versatile self-locking nut for demanding industrial applications. 
Multiple environments, suitable for use in High or Low temperature with not affect on performance, self from chemicals.

A wide range of finishes and coatings available. 
Low pprevaling torques and can be applied on multiple occasions. The double slotted auto-lok-nut ALNd can be assembled with the locking elements leading onto a male thread


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Self locking Nut:

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